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Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

What I Wrote In Writing Class

Name           : Eka Purwati
St. Number  : 1064617
Group          : 2nd

Argumentative Essay
Having Boyfriend or Girlfriend Helps Student Learning
It is quite common seen that nowadays there are many more couples walking shoulder by shoulder on campus. Some people hold firm to their belief that the girlfriend or boyfriend relationship at university should not be acceptable because of its bad effect on students’ studies. In spite of, I take a different view that the effect may be positive or negative depending on your way to balance the relationship and the school work.
To begin with, the relationship between the opposite sexes at university can take some advantages. Except your classmates and roommates, having a special person to love and be loved will make your life at university more colorful and meaningful. Nothing is sweeter and happier when receiving red roses, candies, kisses or hugs from your boyfriend or girlfriend. The honest affection will warm your life away from home. Additionally, you can help each other in life and studies as well as possible. To illustrate, if you have a boyfriend excelling others in studies, he will become your motivation or inspiration to learn harder and better.
However, everything has two sides. When falling in love with everybody, we always want to be together with him or her. Apparently, the time has been divided into two parts. It means that the time we spend on the studies will be decrease. Therefore, if you do not know the way to control yourself and balance your time, your studies will become worse, even you cannot graduate and get pregnant at an early age. Furthermore, a broken relationship can lead to students’ negative attitude. Those who are heartbreaking usually choose suicide to relieve her or his feeling. This may bring much pain to their parents, relatives and friends.
To sum up, when being a student, you should prioritize your studies above anything else. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship is not bad; however you have to balance between the study and the love.
Basically, honesty, openness of mind and understanding each other are the foundation of the strong relationship. Usually, different background is the biggest problem in a relationship. It is not an easy task to build a bridge for two different “background”. Nevertheless, when in a relationship there is honesty before, it’s not difficult enough to unite it. Furthermore, openness of mind each other is very important to build a healthy relationship. How can your boyfriend or girlfriend understanding what you want and what you need, if you never share whatever you feel and you want. Try to be open; if u can do that, it could be warming your relationship. Now then, understanding is the most important in this case. Without understanding each other it’s impossible your relationship could be as your desire. In fact, just dispute, dispute and dispute again. Therefore, honesty, try to be open and understanding each other, if you want to your studies undisturbed by your boyfriend or girlfriend relationship.

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