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Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

What I Wrote In My Writing Class

Name          : Eka Purwati
St. Number : 1064617
Group         : 2nd
Topic                    : Friendship
Theme                   : Close Friend
Title                       : A friend in need is a friend indeed
some best friends
in my life

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
          I’m so grateful I have some best friends in my life. The first one is Lusi. She is s talkative girl. Lusi is motherly. The second one is Yuli. She is more talkative than Lusi. She is childish. And the last one is Nisa. Nisa is the youngest girl among us.
          Actually, friend is someone who is not a member of our family. Nevertheless, they always understand what we want and what we need. They are always beside me when I am lonely. They are people who support a particular cause, organization or charity. We appeal to all friends of peace and justice around the world. I think a Friend in need is a friend indeed. And a true friend is who helps one when one needs help. I love you my best friends.

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